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1st Sugar Moonshine


Twin Creeks 1st Sugar is made in the same  time-honored, backwoods tradition that our local moonshine has always  been made. Only now, it’s legal! From a recipe older than time, all the  great tradition and heritage of Franklin County, Virginia is captured in  each bottle of our award-winning 1st Sugar.

Sweet Mash Rye

 You ever wonder why most whiskey is brown? It’s because it’s aged in oak  or, more commonly these days, soaked with char to mellow it out and add color and flavor. But, if you’re making good whiskey, why add flavor and color? You see, ’round these parts we’ve always made whiskey the right way, which is great as soon as it’s made. So our Sweet Mash Rye  doesn’t need any artificial coloring or flavoring any more than Brie  cheese needs to be dyed green. It just needs you, a glass and an  appreciation for craftsmanship. 

Peach Brandy

 Unlike other brandies that are made with peach flavoring, we make Twin Creeks Peach Brandy the honest to goodness, old-fashioned way. We take a mess of peaches, work ’em off for days before distilling them into the purest essence of sunshine infused peach brandy you’ve ever sipped. It’s hard work, but doing things the right  way is the only way we know how.

Apple Brandy

Made from Local Apples this brandy is an old time favorite and Chris has done a great job bringing this old time recipe back to life.  90 proof and distilled in an old copper sub it's double distilled for smoothness so no harsh bite. And you can still smell a slight hint of apples on the nose.

Blackberry Brandy

Made from Blackberry puree, we add nothing to this lovely brandy other then yeast and a little sugar.  It's 90 proof and just right for sipping.  No sweetness here, just the essence of the blackberries.

Copper Corn

Copper Corn is made like the old time spirits of these Blue Ridge mountains.  Using only corn from local sources, Chris has distilled this fine whiskey at 100 proof.  The name says it all as these small batches are always run in our small Copper Still.

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